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Limos for prom availability is difficult to find starting around the month of March every year. This is because during the month of December, January and February prom limos companies begin promoting their special offers for prom night. They offer deep discounts on prom limousines to encourage seniors to book their prom limos early in the season. After March, limo companies begin to charge regular price as the prom season gets on its way. By mid May and June you can't find any decent limos for prom available and when you do, be prepare to pay a premium above and beyond the regular price for a prom limo.

New York Prom Limo

With service in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, a complete selection of stretch limousines and prom limo packages, our Limousine Service is offering one of the most comprehensive limousine packages available for Prom Night. It includes complementary NON-ALCOHOLIC BAR, not 8 but 10 hours of service, pick-up and drop-off of all your buddies, Plasma TVs through out the limo. You can do better than that. This is a limited time offer, so contact us today and find out why time and time again we have exceeded our customers expectations.

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So what is one to do? Well, the answer should be obvious, book early. Decide around December how many people is going to be in your group. This will help you decide which prom limo you going to need to get. For example, if your group is less than 9 people then you should stick to the 10 passenger limos if you want to go to your prom and money is tight. The Hummer Stretch SUV and Cadillac Escalade are 18 to 22 passenger limos but are also twice the price of the Chrysler 300 or the Lincoln Stretch limos which are usually 10 passenger limousines.

Debbie, New York, NY writes: It's important to arrive at your prom spotless, both inside and out so that you can arrive in style. Good prom limo service providers are professional, courteous and meet rigorous standards. Price should not be the only factor in your search. Much like renting a hotel, different price points often mean different service levels. Make sure to check out photos, descriptions and videos of the limos you are thinking of renting before you rent. Prom Limos companies that are subject to customer reviews for all to see usually had nothing to hide and are a good source to start your search with.

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Prom Limo

Prom Season is upon us and you want to create a lasting impression on you and your friends. A good prom limo company should offer competitive rates and luxurious prom limos guaranteed to make your prom entrance one to remember. Note: Don't wait till the last minute to reserve your limos, because all the good prom limousines go quickly! There are plenty of affordable prom limo packages from 2 to 22 passenger limousines for you not to rent your prom limo early in the season.

Make this prom a memorable evening with you and your friends and one of the many amazing prom limos that will make its debut this prom season. Cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles offer a diverse fleet of prom limos so that you can definitely arrive in style in an exclusive limos for your prom. Prom limos like the Hummer H2 Limo, Cadillac Escalade Limo, or one of the many Limo Party bus, are equipped with the latest trends in mobile electronics including plasma screens, mood lighting, strobe lights, I Pod docking stations and state of the art sound systems. 

Andrew, New Jersey, NJ writes: Unless your last name is Hilton as Paris Hilton, it's not every day that you arrive at an event in a limousine. Getting the right prom limo often depends on the number of people, number of hours you'll need and how far you're going. Many companies specialize in prom service and they, sometimes, deliver the best possible experience. But one thing is certian, the more details you can provide about what you want and what you expect, the better the value and service you'll receive.

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